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Years of thought and consideration have gone into the socio-political ideas that are presented here at Holology. Some long-held views have been thrown out and replaced, some have became more clear over time. But in each case the views are meant to be non-partisan and non-ideological while being the most accurate and concise ideas I’ve written or found so far on a multitude of critical topics covering economics, society, health, politics, and much more.

This page is a work in progress and is meant to be a concise summary displaying practical solutions for many of these important issues, listed in alphabetical order.

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Terrorism isn’t something that can be completely eliminated anymore than fear can be eliminated because terrorism is a means to an end, it’s a tactic used in a conflict. We should be much less concerned with vilifying the methods (that are used by all sides at one point or another anyway) and a lot more with why we have the conflict to begin with.

In fact, terrorism can be drastically reduced by addressing the actions and events that are motivating terrorists, and that’s what officials and all the supposed experts on TV, don’t want to talk about and don’t want you to connect with cause and effect: violent foreign policy.

Politicians try very hard not to talk about foreign policy or military action being a major contributor to homegrown terrorism. [...] Terrorism is very much a product of individuals identifying themselves with a group that appears to be the target of aggression and reacting violently to that. Continued U.S. military action will inevitably drive terrorist activities in this country, because some local people here will identify themselves with the victims of those actions abroad.Marc Sageman, October 2016


Immigration is not something that can be fixed with walls and police. Very desperate people are going to brave razor wire and guards to get to safety and a job. If we really want to do something about immigration we will have to recognize the forces compelling people to leave their country and travel to somewhere else, and these are primarily warfare and economic destitution. Instead of wasting money building fences and walls, and hiring yet more police,  spend some of that money creating real jobs for the desperate and waging peace instead of war that destabilizes and kills.

A real "cure" for the horrific processes of migration lies in a real confrontation of capitalism's uneven development. [...] [F]ull employment -- by state authorities wherever private employment is insufficient -- could become a funded priority everywhere in part as a major counter to emigration.Richard D. Wolff, October 2016


Banking is one of the most misunderstood factors of economics. Banks do not need to be privately owned, and in fact the only reason to have private banks is to enrich a very tiny number of people: the owners and shareholders. If you make a bank state-owned it can operate for the benefit of everyone, and return a profit for everyone. Even in corporate-controlled America, the United States has a successful example of a state-owned bank in North Dakota.

[G]overnments do not need to sell off public assets and slash public services in order to pay their debts. They can create money in the same way private banks do, simply with accounting entries on their books. That is the secret power of banking, a power that governments to date have given away to a private banking cartel. Federal governments could reclaim this power by simply issuing the money they need, as the American colonists did in the 18th century. State and local governments could reclaim the money power by forming their own banks and creating the money they lend on their books, as all depository banks do.Ellen Brown, October 2016


Unfortunately, despite rhetoric from officials, authorities don’t really want to solve any of these problems; as corrupt rulers they benefit from all of them. The necessary response is to get organized, stay organized, and keep pushing for change. The sudden and significant change in widespread public attitudes about marijuana legalization that has translated into ballot issues  is one example of how change can be achieved with persistence.


Drug shouldn’t be illegal, they should be regulated. Time and again, banning a consumer product that people really want only succeeds in creating a black market for contraband. The consequnces in the case of recreational drugs has been terrible - prisons, police, ruined lives, and billions of taxpayer dollars spent invading personal privacy and penalizing human behavior that is either harmless or only harms the person consuming the product.


“Criminalizing personal drug use is a colossal waste of lives and resources. If governments are serious about addressing problematic drug use, they need to end the current revolving door of drug possession arrests, and focus on effective health strategies instead.” Tess Borden, October 2016